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We save you time and money, and provide you with peace of mind. Your car leasing experience doesn't have to be dreadful, running around local dealerships, hanging with a car salesman, and filling out paperwork. We do all this work at no extra cost to you. As a matter of fact, we'll save you money by having dealerships compete for your business on a national level.

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Car Lease

We'll do all the research on your behalf and find you the best car lease deal going on right now.

Car Lease Financing

We'll handle all the paperwork and haggle with the banks to get your auto lease approved.

Additional Services

We'll make all the service arrangements for your brand new car lease.

Delivered to Your Door

Finally, we'll personally deliver your new car right to you home or office.

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We save you time and money, and provide you with peace of mind. Your car leasing experience doesn't have to be dreadful, running around local dealerships, hanging with a car salesman, and filling out paperwork. We do all this work at no extra cost to you. As a matter of fact, we'll save you money by having dealerships compete for your business on a national level.

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The Capital Difference

Why spend hours, or even days, at dealerships searching to find the car you want? Aggressive sales people, constant negotiating and hours of wait time... All keeping you from doing the things you love. Your time is just as valuable as your money, so don't waste it on the frustrating dealership process.

That's why the Capital Difference makes all the difference. Capital Motor Cars, an automotive brokerage with over 30 years' experience, is the premier choice for finding your next vehicle at the best price. We offer all makes and models and our professional sales team is eager to help you find the perfect vehicle to fit your lifestyle. We not only save you money, but we also save your precious time.

At Capital Motor Cars, our clients are our top priority. We are commited to offering the best pricing in the industry while providing white-glove customer service. We pride ourselves on operating with respect, integrity and responsibility, while providing a full-service buying experience. Yoou will always speak to a live person to ensure top-quality and personalized care. You aren't just anyone, so why be treated like one of the masses with an automated phone service?

You don't need to put your life on hold to find the car of your dreams. Our educated sales team has decades of combined expertise and will work with you to find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. Our concierge service will even deliver your new vehicle to your home or office, saving you unnecessary aggravation and valuable time. We are always available to assist with any future questions or concerns you may encounter with your vehicle. Contact one of our customer care coordinators and experience the Capital Difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Auto Broker?

What we do?

Here at Capital Motor Cars, making car leasing as convenient and hassle-free as possible is what we’re all about. We take pride in getting our clients the best lease deals possible, along with providing stellar customer service from the moment you call in until your vehicle is sitting in your driveway. With the ability to source every make and model vehicle from our vast dealership network through just one phone call to one of our automotive consultants, we’ve successfully put the car leasing power back into the hands of our clients. Gone are the days of time-consuming and stressful trips to the dealership. At Capital Motor Cars, our automotive consultants not only work with you to find the perfect car and the best lease deals out there, but they also work FOR you.

Our Process

Our automotive consultants take on all of the tedious and stressful aspects of the car leasing process and fast forward you straight to the good stuff. We’ll find the exact car you want, negotiate the price so that you’re getting the best lease deals and work to get you approved by a lender. To top it all off, we’ll even deliver your new car to your home or office. All you have to do is sit back, relax and let us do all the heavy lifting.

Online Car Lease Calculator

Want to get an instant, fair and transparent online quote on a vehicle? Done, done and done. Just this year, we introduced our very own car lease calculator, Ignite, a revolutionary leasing engine that allows you to complete the entire car leasing experience from any device. Skip all of the endless hours of car leasing research, tense negotiations and shopping around for the best lease deals. Using our car lease calculator, just simply choose from a wide variety of real, in-stock vehicles from our vast dealership network, structure your payment how YOU want, and receive your car straight to your door by a professional delivery specialist. Have any car leasing questions along the way? Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of automotive consultants is here to answer any questions you might have throughout the entire car leasing process.


Why Choose Capital?

The Capital Difference

Your time is valuable. Why waste it in a car dealership, surrounded by pushy salesmen and drowning in paperwork?

Take the easy way toleasing your next car. The auto brokers at Capital Motor Cars will make sure that you get thebest car lease dealwithout any hassle or haggling with pushy salesmen. We are an automotive brokerage with 30 years’ experience connecting clients with the cars of their dreams.

Our founding principle is that buying a car doesn’t have to be an exhausting ordeal. It can be as easy as talking to an expert professional who knows the nuances of the car market, pinpointing which car is right for you, and getting behind the wheel.

We offer all makes and models, supported by the most extensive research covering a large network of dealerships across multiple states. Our options include flexible, cheap leasing deals, as well as long-term finance services for car buying options. We will find you the best car lease deal you didn’t believe was possible.

What makes us a cut above the rest?

  • Educated sales team to help you find the right car for your lifestyle, needs and budget.
  • Customer service with integrity. We give full attention and respect to every client. You will always speak to a live agent with your best interests in mind.
  • Full support throughout the leasing process, from your initial inquiry until the car is in your driveway and even after. Your dedicated coordinator is always here for you.
  • The best prices in the industry, saving you timeandmoney.

How do I Save Time & Money?

Our job is to save you these two core principles, Time and Money.

“Look at it this way, Capital is sort of like the Amazon for leasing cars.”

How we save you time?

From the time you call, we get to work for you. We search through a vast network of car dealerships and wholesalers to find the car that suits your needs. Our experienced auto brokers know the market well and know which outlets they will find exactly what you are looking for.

Your dedicated concierge coordinator is committed to saving you the hassle of searching for the car, color and features you’re looking for.

How we save you money?

We know the market and which promotions are going on at any particular month. Getting the best car lease deal is our specialty. Car manufactures usually offer rebates to promote the sales of their brand.

Capital Motor Cars auto brokers are in the know to what car lease specials are current. In addition, when a dealership is overstocked or needs to meet their monthly quota, Capital uses this information to capitalize on getting our awesome clients with the best car lease deal.

Let’s go, put us to work for you.

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